About us

ILI researches and develops sustainable concepts for new forms of life, living and economy in times of demographic, environmental and economical change. As the ‘research and development department in society’, ILI acts at the same time as a market developer for the economy.

We develop and conduct innovative project, product and service resolutions that should lead to both the increase of the living and life quality as well the marketing and better positioning of companies, institutions, local authorities and regions at the same time.

With our integrated, interdisciplinary and creative vision and work, we assist managers and executives, project and product developers, architects, builders and investors, marketers, and innovators in all areas. The knowledge gained through ongoing observations, explorations and pilot projects will be combined so that tailored and sustainable products and services for new markets and target groups are formed.

ILI is situated in Essen, in the middle of the metropolis ‘Ruhr’ with 5.3 Mio inhabitants. Therefore ILI resides in an area of high population density of economy, education, culture and innovation – a place of continuing change.