Residential Projects

New Buildings

Alternatives of new form of living are collaborative new building projects. Whether future tenants or joint building venture or hybrid: The group is planning the project from the initial idea to the move-in. It can be a multi-generational project, the Co-living of a family group, a residential community centre or a project in the neighbourhood network of co-operative building associations. Main goals of these forms of living in new buildings are the life in a self-determined community and the active creation of a social-ecological housing and living space. These include living neighbourly relations, mutual assistance and responsibility to protect the personal freedom and a ‘healthy’ environment.

This makes high demands on the architecture, the design and planning. Depending on wishes and needs of communities, ILI develops in close co-operation with the future tenants forward-looking architectural concepts, advises at the implementation and accompanies the entire construction phase. Even before the actual planning we pay heed to the individual wishes and needs, the particular demand for community and leisure areas and the design of the outside surface. Thus we can plan, adjust and realise ground and apartment footprints convenient to the forms of living and life of the community and its individual members.

Naturally for ILI sophisticated concepts are for low energy consumption, ecological building materials and green areas as well as accessibility. Ultimately we accompany the project during the entire construction phase and observe the exact construction work. Additionally we offer communities a customised consultation in contract and building law, in the contract design and in advance, if required, mediation so that possible conflicts of each parties can be resolved or not even arise. Like this we support joint building venture with multiplexed know-how of our architects and lawyers and relieve you wherever possible.

Existing Buildings

Attractive for residential group projects are existing buildings that are being converted after vacancy or reclaimed. After being renovated they often offer a high living and life quality and are energetically and financially competitive with new buildings.
Recycled buildings are ecologically reasonable and generally better than a new building ‘on a green field’. Basically, a triad of social, ecological and economical factors is desirable for the restoration of abandoned old buildings.

But how can existing buildings be reconstructed, that they can cope with modern living and life standards? For residential groups, associations, organisations and real estate corporations, ILI creates already before a purchase or reconstruction analysis and reports about the capability of the building for a conversion. We investigate the potential to create a healthy living environment in terms of building materials, energy-saving possibilities, green fields and noise as well as possibilities of alternative footprints for sustainable utilisations and barrier-free access.

For sustainable reconstruction concepts it requires not only architectural know-how and expertise, but also and creativity and sensibility in particular. It is crucial to preserve the special character of the building and to comply at the same time modern as well as social, ecological and economical standards. Footprints, for example, have to be constructed in a way so that the estate can be used permanently over many generations. They should be both, accurately and flexible for multiple user groups such as young singles, young couples, couples with children, the elderly and old singes, older and old couples, young and old living together, old people in need of care and nurturing younger in community life.
In short, reconstructions of existing building need first to happen based on intergenerational and ecological criteria – standards by which ILI develops and realises conversion concepts.
Furthermore, we pay particular attention on the implementation of modern comforts and sophisticated aesthetic through architecture and design – in the planning as in the reconstruction phase.

Especially as complex legal issues arise in living groups, ILI also offers sound advice for contract and construction law and helps in contract designs. We also inform you about support programmes and accompany you in grant applications.

Design and Products

To a high standard of living quality and quality of life contributes significantly the interior. It should be equally ecological, ergonomically, accessible and aesthetic at the same time as well as all around coherent. To achieve these qualities, ILI offers with its proven expertise an established product and design consulting – naturally independent of the manufacturer. So we inform about high-quality sustainable materials, floor covering and flagging, bathrooms and mountings etc, etc, etc. Often exists the fear that, for example, in an accessible extension of a property, it also looks like this. That this is not necessarily true proving the design experts of ILI. Additionally, it offers functional comfort for all users.

Because finished space is hardly imaginable by a lot of people, we introduce ideas and concepts visualised as drafts or 3-D-charts. According to that decisions can be made easier and saver – for the collective good of all future users and residents.

Location Quality

Both at new and existing buildings the location quality plays an important role. Before the planning, ILI already checks with its interdisciplinary team of experts all relevant location factors.

In a weakness and opportunity analysis we evaluate so called hard factors of the infrastructural environment such as transport connection and supply possibilities but also soft factors for social, ecological, creative and emotional aspects. This also includes the examination of intergenerational aspects such as flexibility and accessibility. The goal always is to indentify, raise and implement potentials for the use optimisation. Because this always is a question for capital requirements, we conduct optionally an additional or reduced cost identification.

Essentially for the living quality and the quality of life are also green and open areas and car-free areas. This does not eliminate mobility. In contrast – good parking space and mobility concepts are an inherent part of comprehensive concepts at ILI.

Moderation and Mediation

Where multiple partners are involved – as with residential group projects – different interests and needs have to be taken into account and respected. Starting with the planning, it is necessary to maintain a good and appreciated communication. A professional moderation is useful to come to a targeted and contemporary decision in this stage. Especially with divergent views, attitudes and interests. With the assistance of a neutral third party, conflicts can be resolved solution oriented and in the best interest of all parties involved. Thus, time intensive discussions and conflicts or even legal disputes can be avoided. Instead, ILI offers professional moderation and mediation – temporary or over the whole entire period of the project. Additionally, ILI offers a preparatory mediation for problem-solving contract negotiations, construction mediation with all parties and workshops to increase acceptance of projects with tenants, owners and the neighbourhood.


Particular for the real estate industry, ILI develops creative concepts to increase the marketing possibilities of real estate – especially of existing buildings. These include analysis of estate and location that aim to identify and eliminate weaknesses that could hinder sales, even of qualitative and emotional nature. This also includes creative marketing concepts for extraordinary marketing channels and media beyond the real estate portals.

All too often properties are offered purely technical – with data, numbers and facts. With a large number of offers and a sharp competition that is less promising. Hence, ILI develops for corporations of the real estate industry both exclusive marketing platforms and customised communications concepts – for the branding of the corporation itself as of individual objects.
Thereby we rely on a high degree of differentiation and island position, on quality and emotion. Only in this way it is possible to arouse and increase demand and concupiscence.

Concepts are just as good as their implementation. Therefore, ILI provides graphical and textual design of target groups and media specific presentations – be it print brochures, online media or multimedia shows. For direct placing and direct mails for potential buyers, for open days or larger fairs.
Good presentations have no limit!