Private Living Space

New Constructions

Given the social and demographic change, today’s new construction- architecture suffers to a serious lack of flexibility. Whether one family house or freehold flat – the living space does not grow with the needs of the people; however, this is important. Most of the people first live alone after moving out of their parents’ house, later in pairs, anytime three or four, than back to in pairs and sometime alone again – and often from this time on care is needed.

Therefore, the living space in private new constructions should enable quality of life for all stages in one’s life. Also here is a demand for sustainable and intergenerational architectural concepts. Flexibility and customisation of the estate are the most important criteria for the needs of the residents in different life stages and periods.

ILI develops new constructions of architecture that meet exactly these requirements and that are, for example, from the size expanded or reduced by modular constructions systems.
In addition, we develop construction and interior concepts that create a link between new technologies and the social environment, such as smart-home-technology. It enables intelligent control of building technologies even in absence and it contributes to an energy efficient and stress-free living.

We also take care of the architecture so that at later demand a lift or stair lift can be installed. From the very beginning, ILI considers the future interior with later age and disabled assistance-systems, so called ‘Ambient Assisted Living’. Thus we ensure flexibility, accessible and high-quality living spaces that are sustainable in every respect.


We live in a society, in which age and individualisation increases in contrast to youth and community. According to this, the number of solitarily older people rises constantly. Most of them want to remain in their familiar home environment, even if they are in need of help and care – preferably to the last. In most of the cases this is possible, if the living space is remodelled and equipped age-based. The sooner, the better.

Even with sudden occurrence of disability or need of care, houses and apartments can be reconstructed as needed in the short term. There are numbers of possibilities to reduce or even eliminate barriers – be it for an easier access to the building or in the living rooms itself. Reconstructions and conversions in kitchen and bathroom are usually straightforward to implement. Due to intense involvement in age-based living, ILI offers good ideas and customised concepts for it that can also be implemented in the short term. If the case of all cases occurs, ILI offers gladly guidance, assistance and support services as well as the offer of age-based assistance-systems.