Business Strategies

The social and economic change should companies use as an opportunity to align the company’s active and creative course for the future. It is crucial to recognise the positive fundamental forces and to connect with them so that they can develop out of this totally new, the future steadying structures, products and services.

This assumes to leave old patterns and make a fundamental change of the perspective and the thinking. This includes perceiving differently as a company. This only works from the distance. With this distanced viewing of an external partner, ILI accompanies managers and personnel with the viewing of companies, clients and markets to capture different perceptions. The managers and executives can gain new insights and identify opportunities – a first step to set modifications and innovative processes in motion.

ILI sees in any economic organisation a laboratory for living relations and deals with how creative energy can be unleashed in companies and how creative products emerge for the markets of tomorrow. We are focusing on the people, for which a company develops and offers services and products.
In future workshops and vision workshops existing potential can be identified and used together with managers and personnel. Thus talents and resources are uncovered that actively and creatively acquire solutions and also ensure a sustainable creativity in the company. With it, OpenSpace and executive coaching’s are used to reverse limitations, to develop skill and to unleash forces to face the challenges creatively.

In order to capture complex coherences und to solve future questions, ILI works with the Theory U. With having Theory U, future solutions and 360-degree view of solutions can be located and new guiding strategies and action plans developed. Thus, ILI acts as catalyst and innovative driver for companies and its markets – in the development, application and implementation.