Products and Services

The most important question in any business is what is produced at all, what products and services will be offered. What does the customer want? What will he want in the future? It is to find answers. Customer surveys rarely lead to useful results. So far, most of them can only think of a tomorrow just as a further development of today’s world. Companies focus their gaze usually to improve and enhance their products. But the world of tomorrow does not only need a further development of today’s products. It requires visions for the big hit at least the best possible hit for technological revolutions and the development of totally new product categories and innovative services. For this, companies not necessarily have to give up their core business; but they have to refocus and diversify close to their expertise.

In order to develop innovations it requires power of observation, the capability to analyse and creativity. ILI creates frameworks with which experts can develop these qualities together with product developers of the business. In vision workshops problems can be observed in various ways and new solutions for products and services can be found. We work with the method of design thinking, an approach of the University of Stanford California and the design company IDEO. This allows winning a large number of impressions and insights about customers and their behaviour in a short time. But also major problems and needs can be exposed which are the basis of the development of innovative products. This also includes thinking processes through to the finish, to evaluate different options and to find solutions even for unexpected problems.

ILI develops with its interdisciplinary board of experts for and together with the company innovative products and services that are related to intergenerational availability in conjunction with emotional qualities and sustainable design and are economically valuable. They offer companies the opportunity to enter new markets and to position them explicitly.