Brand Building

Brands are used to give companies and products authenticity, to offer consumers orientation and attractiveness and to establish a differentiation to competitors. What makes a good brand? They manage to convey real values credible. Credibility requires trust in the actual performance and customer benefit.

This requires continuous efforts throughout the whole company and intelligent concepts. With extensive experiences und knowledge of its communications and design experts, ILI supports companies to build qualitative and durable brands. Since this must convey clear messages and a consistent image, we create well-designed concepts for brand building, brand architecture and brand positioning – whether umbrella brands, mono brands or family brands.
We ensure that brands can also be integrated in the growth and diversification of the company and that they are sustainable. This applies to visualisation – image, text and audio brands and the entire corporate design. Naturally we also take care of the optimisation of existing brands and re-design.

ILI is not only a strategic brand developer but always works with practical relevance. We assist companies in all phases of the process, such as the implementation of a brand strategy. We stand consultative aside and do everything that employees ‘live’ the brand equities and that they develop trust and pride for their company as well as its products.