The ILI methodology

Company Success through Innovative Products and Services

The ILI Methodology
The ILI is an interdisciplinary knowledge platform that develops and accompanies new fundamentals for sustainable and innovative products and services together with companies. The ILI contributes essential findings from futurology as well as well-founded experience from other company and product areas in various industries. In addition, the ILI brings its entire strategic and creative expert knowledge to the table.
The ILI methodology: sound, customer-oriented, knowledge-based, successful, in short: unique.

Certified seminars for long-term corporate success
The ILI methodology offers companies planning and investment security for long-term and sustainable corporate success. This includes the integration and motivation of employees, sales and trade through certified seminars. Participants are managing directors, authorized signatories, marketing and sales managers and the ILI experts.

“Business Case” as Basis for Successful Businesses
The basics for the development of innovative products and services are defined as concrete “business cases” and supported by the ILI in the implementation phases. On this basis, the ILI provides clear recommendations for strategic positioning and the resulting innovative product developments, offers and services at all levels. This includes the adaptation and reorientation of communication as well as sales and trade.

ILI services
Among other things, the ILI provides support in the implementation of all planned measures, interim and project management for new product and communication measures as well as the procurement of necessary specialists, for example in the areas of design, project management, architecture, marketing and communication.