ILI works in terms of a sustainable development, which ‘meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the abilities of future generations to satisfy their own needs’ (Brundtland-Report 1987). This existential key objective can only be achieved if we succeed to bring economic efficiency, ecological compatibleness and social equity in line.

ILI offers answers to questions arising from the global and technological change issues for society, environment, economy and culture. Our goal is to actively support and form the current and future needs to increase the quality of life and living.

ILI develops and reinforces positive visions and images of the future, that lead and affect the own actions. The basic principle is to think and act by means of the future. Only then we can perceive and use future possibilities.

ILI connects to the positive fundamentals forces of change and develops out of these innovative structures, products and services for corporations and institutions.

ILI considers with its holistic view the needs of a constantly new and evolving society. We observe the different forms of life, the needs of the people in their life stages and the design of their living space and environment.

ILI asks questions about the meaning, the purpose and form of economic activity and develops out of this new business concepts and strategies with its clients.