Innovative Forms of Living

With the globalisation and the involved problems of identity social changes are connected particularly. Traditional family structures with extended families of grandparents, parents and children, but also nuclear families with a single income earner disappear. Patchwork families and elective affinity as well as the single life are on the rise.

Socially more serious is the impact of the demographic change in Europe. The proportion of people over 60 years in the total population in Germany will increase by 35.4 percent in 2030.

Knowing this information, it forces new life mission statements – especially at living. The search for new values is closely connected to the search for new forms of living. For several years it develops a variety of new community-based residential projects. They are characterised by high social standard and often through the integration of people from different social and age structures such as in multi-generational homes. Also, seniors, family and women projects, milieu-oriented and ecological forms of living as well as integrative living projects for people with or without disabilities are options to counter the threat of isolation actively. All forms of living together are the desire for self-determination and participation, for social relations and the creation of need-based live in the community with enough space for individuality.

Innovative concepts with socially appropriate as well as contemporary creative and architectural solutions are required. However, it is still only planned and assessed in Euro pro square meter in wide circles of architecture and real estate. This pure economic efficiency, this form of economy in pure-culture is planning and innovation preventing par excellence. It only produces standard forms, which correspond neither diversified lifestyles nor to create quality of life or emotionality.

This raises the question for new values – in short: for the LifeValue, which is usually closely connected to the quality of living. But how actually arises a ‘LifeValue’? ILI considers this fundamental question from an interdisciplinary perspective to generate innovative, holistic and sustainable concepts that produce more than just good housing. We are interested in a flexible, inter-generational, barrier-free and ecological living and life without sacrificing design quality and aesthetic, using modern communications technologies. This should be accessible and achievable for all, regardless of the social status, education and income. It is about nothing less than the democratisation of a modern socially ecologic living and life including good design to affordable prices.

With innovative concepts, ILI also analysis global patterns and models from other cultures and uses this information for a tailored adaption to local forms of living and life. We evaluate new international architecture and design concepts on behalf of apartment-scientifically and social relevance, particularly in regard to cross-generational aspects. Out of this we conceive new forms of living and life for a changing, diversified society.