The new Values

The speed of globalisation has increased. It is certain, that globalisation does not come to a standstill: limitations in industries and markets lose it selves, financial systems become a life of its own, new technologies accelerate the communication and economical, political as well as social systems are fundamentally changing. Situations of radical change can be seen in all areas. One can sense, that something fundamentally shifts, that a lot disappears and that something novel arises.

Based on the global development, finite natural resources, but also the misbalance of ecology, economy and social issues the ‘true what and how’ is overall discussed. Ancient just like well-known classification and value systems that have partly been propagated as factors of success of markets, are getting more and more under considerable strain. These are called into question. We are experiencing a paradigm shift; the frame conditions of our social and economic development will be redefined.

As a guideline, sustainability brings people to examine their own attitude and position. The human becomes in his importance to the main criterion to the identification of new values in the 21st century.
Our attitude about, behind and towards these things, the question about how we want to live in the future is in the focus. Sustainability gains importance and can therefore arise a ‘new order of the things’ out of this by them.

In many areas we have reached the limit of the ‘faster and faster’ and ‘further and further’, ‘always cheaper’ and ‘always more’. It is time to take time to pause, to reflect the ‘forward to thinking’. Only out of this, a new attitude to the things and a more responsible handling with them can result.

It is the reflection of what we do and how we act of importance – a reflection on new life values and new qualities of life. Within the saturated western society – in which quantity has been long ago a basis factor and quality a luxury – acquired the desire for ‘social happiness’ and ‘emotional wealth’ a new significance. This is for consumers and businesses in the 21st century the most important criterion and a challenge at the same time.

The ILI’s mission is to create, accompany, promote and shape this process by the development and design of innovative forms of life, forms of living and forms of business.