The Innovative Living Institute is an independent organisation to research and develop new forms of life, living and economy.

On the basis of a broad expertise and established analysis we develop ideas and concepts for innovative projects, products and services with qualitative experiences which sustainably increase the quality of life – especially in light of demographic, environmental and economic change.

ILI offers with its expertise an interdisciplinary platform for the development, positioning and marketing of sustainable, profitable reasonable and appropriate concepts. These activities cover industrial enterprises, products and services and trade. They also cover the real estate industry, health insurance companies, insurance companies and banks, institutions and organisations as well as local authorities and regions.

Our work is based on three pillars: first, the systemic approach on a sociological, environmental, but also sustainable perspective, second, new strategies and their communication and third, the mediation as a form of integration.

Elmar Schüller
Initiator, founder and President