Home & Living Innovation

Globalization and demographic change influence numerous cities, regions and traditional family structures. As a result, modern social-ecological housing and living needs to be reformed. This reform ensures a sustainable development of cities, municipalities and regions and is an optimal positioning instrument.

Together with its clients, the Innovative Living Institute develops both the foundations and the concepts for a sustainable development and positioning of cities, municipalities and regions. The focus lies always on the special situation and needs of local actors.


Innovative Living concepts

In close cooperation with its clients, the Innovative Living Institute develops visionary ideas for the economic, social and ecological transformation of cities and rural regions. In its role as initiator, moderator and expert instance, it highlights development opportunities and accompanies them during all realization phases of the project.


Innovative Housing concepts

The Innovative Living Institute develops with customers tailor-made concepts for buildings and conversions of buildings. It also helps with the search for qualitative and innovative design solutions and accompanies them throughout the entire construction phase. Of course, it advises its clients on contractual regulations, supports them in applications for subsidies and develops strategies specifically for real estate marketing .