ILI Services

The ILI helps you to think your business projects ahead and to transform them into holistic, value-adding concepts, products and services. Thus, it provides you with well-founded experience from various industries, company and product areas as well as the strategic and creative knowledge of its experts.

From its holistic perspective the Innovative Living Institute gives innovative impulses, shows new paths, advises, and supports you in your projects on all levels.


Within the ILI range of services you will receive

  • Interdisciplinary analyses & concept development
  • Strategic & operational consultation
  • Project monitoring & support
  • Innovation seminars & lectures

ILI methodology

The ILI develops with you all necessary strategic foundations for the development of innovative concepts, products and services. Based on this, you will receive specific recommendations for your strategic positioning and repositioning.

The results of the joint knowledge acquisition are concretized in a Business Case, which serves as a guideline for the project’s implementation at all levels.

The ILI also provides you operational and strategic support during various implementation phases in order to guarantee an optimal result. The active involvement of all relevant parties ensures a sustainable process of change, driven by the company’s own resources. This enables you to continue the projects independently of the ILI!