Economic Innovation

Faced with global change, many companies and brands are forced to reinvent themselves from the ground up. In order to be able to use the social and economic change as an opportunity, they must actively and creatively align their course with the future needs of their customers.

The Innovative Living Institute supports its clients in this process. It opens up new ways of thinking and gives impulses for innovations, strategic visions and the reinterpretation of core competencies. 

In the frame of projects, it acts independently and, if desired, with the help of other experts from the ILI network. 


Business strategy 

The Innovative Living Institute enables its customers to abandon their usual patterns of thinking and to adopt different point of views. The distanced view of an external observer helps them to uncover new perspectives and future opportunities and to transfer them into visionary business models.  


Innovation strategy

Innovative Living Institute’s additive experience from various industries helps companies to increase their innovative capability. Product and service innovations are empathized from the outset with empathy and new business opportunities in mind in order to maximize their value creation and success in the marketplace.


Brand strategy 

The Innovative Living Institute supports customers in building qualitative, sustainable and long-lasting brands. It creates well thought-out concepts for their development, architecture as well as positioning and optimizes existing brand strategies. 

It also helps clients to design brand strategic communication landscapes and consistent multichannel strategies. It shows them how they can identify the true needs of their customers through eye-to-eye communication and how to leverage that potential.